Project Round Up

Posted on Thursday, October 6th, 2011

When You’re Looking At Me, You’re Looking At Country
Xaviera Simmons

Four fantastic days of getting to know new people and taking intimate portraits in public have just come to end and it was altogether a touching experience. There was near picture perfect photography weather each day: slight overcast. On Saturday and Sunday this weekend we spent time at Chelsea’s Elliott houses. We used the Hudson Guild entrance and courtyard as our studio space, and were pleased to have a significant number of people come prepared with props and even costumes to help define their selves in collaboration with Xaviera. On Monday and Tuesday, we spent the afternoons at Chelsea’s Fulton Houses, adjacent to their community center. We used the sidewalk along 17th street in hopes of making the project more casual and accessible. The mood was positively vibrant, and the personalities abundant.

Here is a selection of images highlighting this project:

There were some wonderful stories and moments shared through individuals, families with their children, and even visitors to both areas who were simply interested in what the project was about. We look forward to sharing two wonderful, simultaneous exhibitions based on this project with the community with the aim to strengthen their ties amongst one another.

From February 9th – March 27th, 2012, the portraits will be on display at both the Elliot and Fulton house Hudson Guild galleries. The participant portraits will be integrated to encourage inter-housing visitation by each housing community.


Photos by Adam Kaynan