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Public Art Workshop

June 8, 2013

We completed our final workshop of the academic year last week at Chelsea LAB School. Ofri Cnaani led the workshops on the history of Chelsea as a integral component to her upcoming public art installation with More Art. Ofri engaged the students in a series of research-based sessions investigating the multiple transformations undertaken by Chelsea’s famed Meatpacking district over the last century. The workshops culminated with the students constructing a two-dimensional map of the area on the classroom floor after which they placed images of historical events and captions in the appropriate locations. The activity granted a dynamic understanding to the historic narrative and provided the students with a comprehensive and cohesive timeline of their neighborhood. After an animated brainstorming session, students came up with a list of ten questions to ask long-time Chelsea residents about their relationship to the neighborhood and the changes they had personally experienced. The answers to these questions will be used as research material for Ofri’s commission, opening in September 2013. More to come!

Ofri and kids