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The Disappearing City Exhibition at Hudson Guild

March 25, 2015

On Thursday, March 18, 2015, More Art and the Hudson Guild community came together to celebrate the opening night of The Disappearing City (on view at Hudson Guild Gallery 441 W 26th St through April 24). Artist Assistant and More Art intern, Brooke Latham, shares her experience from the opening night.

For roughly one month, Amy Wilson and I have been working with a great group of women to create quilts. These quilts are a testament to the participants’ memories in New York. Over the course of the workshop, we have had the opportunity to get to know the group. The opening night of the exhibit marked the culmination of The Disappearing City quilting workshops produced by More Art in partnership with Hudson Guild. Final quilts were on display within Hudson Guild’s gallery space. The show consisted of eighteen quilts made by both the participants from the workshop and by the leader of the workshop, fabric artist Amy Wilson. 

The women whose quilts were in the show attended with great pride. Some of the participants even brought with them family and loved ones. I was particularly excited to meet Darlene’s grandson because his picture is on one of her quilts and she had talked about him over the course of the workshop. The Hudson Guild provided a great assortment of snacks and drinks and everyone spent the duration of the opening chatting and taking pictures. There was a video playing in the gallery space which showed a number of the participants speaking about the narrative of their own quilts. By the end of the event we had received many requests to come back for another workshop. It was so rewarding to see the happiness this program brought to these incredible people.