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Residents of New York Phone Booth Campaign

May 16, 2014

On Sunday (May 18th) you will be able to see the West 4th Street Subway Station transform into a public arts exhibition called Residents of New York in collaboration between More Art and Andres Serrano. We will have an opening reception for the public at LaGuardia Place (btwn W. 3rd and Bleecker St) on Wednesday, May 21st from 6 to 8 pm.  Our collaboration with Andres Serrano is in full speed! Currently you can see some of the images from Residents of New York, on public phone booths (courtesy of Van Wagner) around Manhattan! If you see one on your daily walk/jog/bike ride around the city feel free to tag it on instagram, twitter, or facebook using the hashtag #ResidentsofNewYork. Below is a list of locations where you can find our Residents of New York phone booths:

Canal St & Broadway
Broadway on Reade St
Chambers St & Westside Hwy
Wall Street / City Hall
Broadway & Walker St
Broadway on Beaver St (off Broad st)
Wall Street / City Hall
Sixth Ave & 21st St
Sixth Ave & 21st St
Broad St & So William St
Sixth Ave & 24th St
Centre St & Worth St
Water St & John St
Third Ave & 19th St
Third Ave & 16th St
Second Ave & 26th St
Second Ave & 27th St
Third Ave & 15th St
Park Ave S & 24th St
Second Ave & 19th St
Fifth Ave & 18th St
Fifth Ave & 17th St
Park Ave S & 20th St
Second Ave on 21st St
Third Ave on 25th St
Tenth Ave & 57th St
Second Ave & 32nd St
Second Ave & 33rd St
Second Ave & 28th St
First Ave on 28th St
First Ave on 39th St
Columbus Ave & 94th St
Columbus Ave & 95th St
Columbus Ave & 94th St
Broadway & 104th St
Broadway & 105th St
Broadway & 105th St
Amsterdam Ave & 101st St
Broadway & 106th St
Columbus Ave on 96th St
Columbus Ave & 96th St
Columbus Ave & 94th St
Broadway & 78th St
Broadway on 80th St
Broadway on 84th St
Broadway on 89th St
Broadway on 67th St
Columbus Ave & 82nd St
Columbus Ave & 84th St
Columbus Ave & 83rd St
Columbus Ave & 83rd St
Broadway on 82nd St