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Residents of New York: Charise and Michael

May 8, 2014
Adam Zucker

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Left: Andres Serrano, Residents of New York (Charise M. Paschall), 2014; Right: Andres Serrano, Residents of New York (Michael Pilgrim), 2014

Charise and Michael are a homeless couple that has been together for four years. Charise (a.k.a Egypt) is from New Jersey, Michael is from Manhattan.

We stop and talk to them frequently on our daily commute and despite their circumstances, they are incredibly positive and outgoing. They are passionate about art, Charise draws and loves color. They are two of the many people Andres Serrano photographed that we’ve had the pleasure to get to know.


“It’s important to stay strong. Things can’t stay the same forever. It’s not easy but we’re trying to make the best of everything. It’s harder for a couple than it is for single people out here. Human compassion goes a long way. When we get help from people it blesses them and it blesses us…We are not invisible, this (homelessness) is a real problem in this country right before our eyes…People wonder: ‘how is this happening in America?’ Why is this country more concerned with the problems around the world than the problems that affect us at home?”

See Charise and Michael in Andres Serrano’s Residents of New York opening May 19th at the W. 4th Street Subway Station, LaGuardia Place, and at phone booths and various locations throughout the East and West Village.