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Recap: A Night of Socializing + Socially Engaged Art

September 25, 2015







Big thanks to our amazing Engaging Artists community and our many guests who made “the Social” such a fun evening full of social practice art and socializing!

The night was sponsored by Josh Cellars Winery and Lurisia Premium Beverages and hosted at UnionDocs. Thank you to our guest DJ’s Pam Finch ( and Nina Mashurova (

Photos courtesy of Victoria Manganiello, Sara Meghdari, Guido Garaycochea and Don Gibson

“Talk With Me” and “Untitled 70” by Christie Neptune (

Dominicanos en Washington Heights and Another Dream #1 by Hidemi Takagi (

A video performance by Sara Meghdari (

“Engaging Art” participatory quilt by Michelle Melo (

“Recipe Box” by Julia Rooney

“I Became My Crime” – a sound installation and collaborative project by Guido Garaycochea (

“Blind Self Portraits” by Aurélien Grèzes (

“Tree of “Social” Life” participatory sculpture and “Take Me For” photo-based installation by Annie Kurz (

Recent works on paper by Eugenia Malioykova (

Photo documentation of growing a community garden in Harlem by Uday Dhar (