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More Art presents “Borrowed Light” Open May 8 — Oct. 5th

April 23, 2015

Carel Invite

After months of preparation, Sari Carel and More Art are gearing up to install the Borrowed Light sound-sculpture in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park. On May 8th the public artwork will open to the public. For five months this urban park, typically encroached upon by the sounds of the city, will instead be filled with the sounds of a nature more akin to the countryside. Carel has worked with Sunset Park’s stewards over the past months to collect sound samples in correlation with the park’s native flora and fauna. Wooden sculptural structures will be arranged throughout the park in an architectural manner. These physical sculptures will house speakers amplifying Carel’s natural soundscape, and will also serve as a stage upon which the community can come to express themselves and connect with one another. We are excited for this project to launch and hope you will come be a part of this interactive experience.

In the meantime, you can get a brief preview of the sound installation below.