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"Lunar Rabbit" at the 2012 Armory Show

March 12, 2012

Last Thursday for the The Armory Show‘s VIP SoHo night we presented Joan Jonas‘ “Lunar Rabbit, 2011”. The storefront multimedia installation was the culmination of a series of workshops led by Jonas during spring 2011 for students from the Clinton School for Writers and Artists. The workshops explored the myth of a selfless rabbit who is rewarded by having his image eternally imprinted on the moon. Jonas and the students collaborated together creating masks, props and costumes for a filmed performance that enacted the rabbit’s story at the Hudson River Park in Manhattan.

To create the installation Joan Jonas conceived of a fairytale-like video installation with sculptural elements such as an artificial lawn, cut-out free-standing rabbits as well as rabbit drawings blown up on the walls.

Joan Jonas Armory Show 2012_blog 3

Jonas also cropped and projected the video onto a circular screen hanging from the ceiling that represented the moon from the myth.

Joan Jonas Armory Show 2012_blog 4

The installation also incorporated the actual student made mask used to portray the rabbit in the video.

Joan Jonas Armory Show 2012_blog 5

Luceplan, who hosted our exhibit between March 5 and 11th was very hospitable and a stunning place to hold the opening. Many thanks go out to Luceplan!

Joan Jonas Armory Show 2012_blog 6

Joan Jonas Armory Show 2012_blog 7

Joan Jonas Armory Show 2012_blog 8

Joan Jonas Armory Show 2012_blog 10

Click here for more information about the project.

Photos by Adam Kaynan