Join our CONNECT, BUILD, AMPLIFY Campaign!

Posted on Friday, August 4th, 2023

Image: Mary Mattingly, Public Water artist-led walk in Prospect Park, 2021; image by Maria Niro.

Join More Art’s CONNECT, BUILD, AMPLIFY campaign and expand the possibility for art to activate change!

Join More Art’s CONNECT, BUILD, AMPLIFY campaign and expand the possibility for art to activate change! Our goal is to raise $10,000 in 10 days (August 10th – 21st) through small donations of $10 and up.

We believe that creativity and artists catalyze social change. More Art is the only art organization in the New York City metropolitan area that promotes public art from the ground-up; we actively promote and support underrepresented and marginalized artists whose work strives to exist beyond the white cube. 

However, enacting change is a collective effort, and it is our community of supporters–like you–that make our work possible. By connecting with more people, building our community, and amplifying socially engaged public art, we expand the possibility for art to activate change.

This campaign is about growing our community of supporters without whom we would not exist. More Art strives to empower all people to utilize art as a tool for connection, awareness, and action on critical social topics (see below) that affect our lives and communities. Our supporters, therefore, enable us to create the free public events that are vital to ensuring art is accessible to all. We invite you to engage with us by attending our public programs, participating in salon dinners, or stopping by to experience work created by our more than 70-strong network (and growing!) of artists and engaging fellows. Your presence and your financial support is crucial to the work we do.

As a non-profit structured on a collective network of artists, participants, organizers, disruptors, and others from the public, bringing public art to more people is a cornerstone of our work. To fundraise in alignment with our values of creating community around art and social change, we ask for YOUR support to extend our reach. 

How to get involved:

  • Make a donation of $10 or more.
  • Become a Team Leader by asking 10 people from your community to donate $10 each. We will provide you with a fundraising webpage and all the info you need.
  • Spread the word to your network via email or on social media.

What our donors receive:

  • Free access to socially engaged public art programs, gatherings and talks.
  • Invitations to special events, including unique opportunities to meet with artists, community members and cultural enthusiasts.

About More Art:
More Art 
collaborates with artists across their careers to catalyze social change by producing meaningful participatory public art for a broad audience.

More Art. More Agency. More Action

  • Art: More Art is known for its artistic integrity, for visually compelling work and work that is socially engaged.
  • Agency: More Art supports self-determination within art. Our process is open, grounded, and flexible.
  • Action: More Art provides a platform for different people to experience art, this leads to action that paves the way towards transformation and change.

Join the campaign today and help amplify our work!

With gratitude,

The More Art Team


Check out some of our recent and upcoming public programs: 

WATCH: A live recording of Resistance Revival Chorus and Pennants & Poets, part of our Gates, Borders, Barriers series of public programs in connection with our latest public art installation Mind Forged Manacles/Manacle Forged Minds by artist Fred Wilson.

EXPLORE: The Red String, a recent public art project by Lily & Honglei, one of More Art’s Engaging Artist Residents. This project was an augmented reality (AR) art installation designed for multiple public parks in Asian American neighborhoods. Incorporating both physical and digital components reflecting on immigrant experiences, East Asian cultural heritage, and Asian American identity the artwork included a series of large banners with distinct designs inspired by patterns of Asian red strings, also called Asian knots, a type of folk art symbolizing unity & love.

PREVIEW: Get to know the work of Freya Powell, an artist whose work we will be presenting in the Fall at Green-Wood Cemetery Chapel, Brooklyn.

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