Yemisi “Juliana” Luna

photo credit: © Gessica Hage (@gessicahage), 2019

Yemisi “Juliana” Luna

Yemisi “Juliana” Luna is on a journey as a multidisciplinary artist, leader, mentor, and narratorial creator. Her mission is to empower women through movement, ancestral awareness, and intuitive knowledge.
Luna is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but currently traveling the world designing shared experiences for people of every background. Through her studies and research Luna created The ALUNA method, a system for holistic understanding of our emotional bodies through a lunar perspective. With the ALUNA method, she bridges people together and allows their stories to bloom. Luna brings forth to our contemporary world the creative power present in inhabiting our bodies with confidence, awareness and compassion.

In May 2015 she was invited to go on a trip to reconnect with her ancestral roots where a DNA test revealed that her ancestors come from Nigeria, more precisely, the Yoruba nation. As the co-founder of the Instagram-based movement Project Tribe, whose motto is “your crown inspires”, she learned that the knowledge about her ancestry proved to be a turning point in her personal narrative.

Later Luna created the Yemisi Experience, a program that presents Yoga, head wrapping, writing, intuitive movement, and conversations around identity and belonging as a channel of connectivity for individuals to bond with themselves while fostering a holistic environment.

Today, Luna uses her art to empower not only the next generation of Afro-Brazilians, but also the next generation of women to be confident in where they come from and the stories they’re meant to tell.