Multiple Artists – Envision NY

Multiple Artists – Envision NY

Justin Blinder is a media artist, programmer, and designer. His work examines how our claims of ownership, criteria for an object’s value, and tools for social interaction have changed in the digital landscape. Justin is currently the Creative Technologist at Sub Rosa, and was a 2013 Honorary Fellow at Eyebeam Art and Technology Center.

Emil Choski spent the first nine years of his youth in Poland, witnessing the collapse of the Soviet Regime and the transition into a market economy. The remainder of his childhood was spent in the suburbs of Trenton, New Jersey, where he took a strong interest in mathematics, art, and the then-nascent Internet. In 2002, he moved to NYC to attend the School of Visual Arts and received a degree in Fine Arts in 2007. He currently lives and works in Manhattan.

Coco Fusco (b. 1960, New York City) is a Cuban-American interdisciplinary artist, writer, and full time faculty in the School of Art, Media, and Technology at Parsons The New School for Design. Fusco has performed and exhibited throughout America and internationally. She is a 2013 Fulbright Scholar and a recipient of a 2012 U.S.A Fellowship. Her work explores the relationship between women and society, war, politics, and race.

William Powhida (b. 1976, New York City) is an artist and critic. Powhida’s work, reflects his background as an art critic, and addresses the politics and the establishment that controls the assessment of value in the contemporary art world.

Bibi Seck is a designer and a partner in the New York product design firm Birsel + Seck. Seck was born in Paris and spent his formative years in London and Dakar, Senegal.

Federico Solmi (b. 1973, Bologna, Italy) is a Bologna-born visual artist living in New York. In 2009 he was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in the category “Video & Audio.” Solmi’s work has been internationally exhibited in numerous museums worldwide. His work provides a satirical commentary on authoritarian power structures, and highlights the corruption of their ethical and moral values.

Amy Wilson (b. 1973, New York City) has exhibited in galleries and museums across the country, and teaches at the School of Visual Arts in NYC in the Visual and Critical Studies, Art History, and Fine Arts departments. Wilson’s drawings explore the tension that exists between her interior world and the exterior world, through incorporating personal stories and observation along with commentary about current events.