Jonathan González with Katrina Reid

Jonathan González with Katrina Reid, Who is looking in? Who is looking out? Who is free? Who is trapped? Who has the power to decide who has the freedom to be inside and outside?, performance still, 2023. Programming in conjunction with Fred Wilson's public art project, Mind Forged Manacles / Manacle Forged Minds, Columbus Park, Brooklyn, 2022-2023. Photo by Wenjun Chen.

Jonathan González with Katrina Reid

Jonathan González
Jonathan González is an artist based in Philadelphia and Queens, NY. Their practice emerges through the prisms of black study, the site, the plot and the choreographic. Unfolding at the intersections of performance, these works occur as live art, video, text, sound and platforms for collaborative study activated within theatrical spaces, galleries and museums, virtual locations, site-specificity and printed matter. Their writings have been published by EAR | WAVE | EVENT, Contemporaryand, Cultured Magazine, deem journal, Angela’s Pulse, among others.

Their creative and pedagogical works, collectively, seek to engender nuanced conceptions of Black imaging, Black movement, and Black narrativizing in relation to the built environment, libidinal economies of the flesh and the longue durée of coloniality. González has received generous support from the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, Foundation for Contemporary Arts, Art Matters Foundation, Jerome Hill Foundation as well as residencies with Loghaven Artist Residency, Center for Afro-futurist Studies, MANCC, The Kitchen/American Academy of Arts and Letters and Trinidad Performance Institute.

Katrina Reid
Katrina Reid is a dancer, choreographer, and storyteller. She collaborates with a range of artists who explore performance across dance, theater, ritual, music, and film. Select presentations include: Queens Museum, ISSUE Project Room, the Knockdown Center, Current Sessions, AUNTS is Dance, the BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center, and Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BAX) as 2016-2017 Dancing While Black Fellow with Angela’s Pulse. Learn more at