Chava DiMaio

Chava DiMaio

Chava DiMaio (he/they) is a trans-masc Filipino/Brazilian storyteller, who possesses the worst memory imaginable.

His work is a direct defiance to that sentiment.

A guerilla approach to interdisciplinary collaging; jazz/folk melodic fusion littered with missed calls + undeniably New York soundscapes.. receipts, letters, and pressed flowers caress 35mm stop motion animations.. each frame, hand cut with love and care, in an effort to personify the present moment.

Blending the convenience of digital software + textural nostalgia of analog formats to evoke the emotional recall of shared human experiences. Love, pain, joy, despair.. change and our acceptance of the fact.. our subjective differences showcased through universally emotional similarities.

He received his AA in Classical French Horn/Studio Recording Technology before leaving to serve as the youngest of 20 artists in the ‘2021 Stonehenge NYC’ artist residency program. He works as a freelance audio engineer at ‘moon studios’ (NY), and can be found hand roasting coffee beans at ‘Gentle Brew’ (Long Beach, NY).