Buena Onda Collective

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Buena Onda Collective

Buena Onda Collective (Dominika Ksel and Camila A. Morales) is an eco-centered, paradigm shifting, transmedia collective that uses sculpture, installation and interactivity to playfully explore ideas around restoration, remediation and interspecies communication during the Anthropocene.

We work with a range of media and design techniques including: 3D Modeling, Architecture, Digital and Physical Fabrication, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Sound Composition, Video, Animation and more. Our influences range from science, art, architecture and consciousness. We enjoy subverting and transforming ideas around ‘sustainability’ into more intimate, transhuman experiences where the consciousness of non-human species is more deeply considered. We do this by mapping out the invisible landscapes of our interdependent, rhizomatic relationships via various community-based artworks and workshops.

The founders are educators and artists with over 10 + years in the art and architecture realm. The Rockaway based art collective’s focus is on the creation of a eco-centered community oriented practice. We value process and collaboration that facilitate more equitable and dynamic ways of integrating and communing with sentient and non-sentient life.