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Children learn about the world before they can read or understand numbers. The act of playing embodies a central/essential role to their development as it does hands-on experimentation with elements of the natural world. Children begin to identify patterns in sound and visual phenomena even before they can speak. It is crucially important to integrate such playful and creative activities into early education.

My eight year old son Aurelio has been proving it to me every day.

It is alarming that 25 % of public elementary schools in New York City don’t have an art teacher, and that funding for art materials has declined by 80% in recent years. It is even more appalling that this is happening in New York City, one of the most creative and innovative hub of contemporary society.

New York City’s children need a mayor who supports their creative growth and encourages them to take advantage of the many artistic opportunity that the city has to offer.



about the artist.

Coco Fusco (b. 1960, New York City) is a Cuban-American interdisciplinary artist, writer, and full time faculty in the School of Art, Media, and Technology at Parsons The New School for Design. Fusco has performed and exhibited throughout America and internationally. She is a 2013 Fulbright Scholar and a recipient of a 2012 U.S.A Fellowship. Her work explores the relationship between women and society, war, politics, and race.

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