What is Arts Ambassadors?

Arts Ambassadors is an after school mentorship program, inviting high school junior and seniors to engage in a multi multifaceted exploration of contemporary public art and social engagement. Led by guest artists and art professionals from More Art and the School of Visual Arts (SVA), the program utilizes the thematic lens of ‘socially engaged art’ to guide students through the conceptualization, artistic production, curation, and exhibition of their own public art proposals. Past students have developed infographics, public space interventions, posters, sticker and social media campaigns, sculptural maquettes, and website designs.

In a highly vibrant atmosphere, the Arts Ambassadors program will prepare participants to embark on an informed path towards an education or career in the contemporary art world.

Arts Ambassadors is not currently accepting applications. For more information about upcoming sessions, please Zoey Hart, Education Coordinator: Zoey@moreart.org

about the program.

Weekly workshops are arranged into 4 categories:

  1. Concept/Research: guest artist presentations, public art site visits, research at the SVA art library, individual and group creative exercises in drawing and design.
  2. Artistic Production: guided by a team of public artists, arts administrators, graphic designers and digital media experts, through to a complete realization of their projects with an in-depth visual proposal.
  3. Professional development:  writing a formal art proposals for grants and exhibition applications, opportunity to receive critique from SVA art students and More Art staff of teaching artists and arts administrators.
  4. Exhibition: design of final group exhibition, writing of press releases, learning how to write a press release, designing exhibit and catalogue texts, among other technical skills

College Portfolio Development:

The Arts Ambassadors will receive a detailed presentation and portfolio review by the SVA admissions office. Students will have the opportunity to review standard application process for art schools as well as gain incite about how to further develop their portfolio for successful admissions to high education in the arts.

More and more portfolio review committees at the nation’s top art schools are are looking to see not just finished artworks but also documentation of the students artistic process. Sketchbooks and and visual journals have become a key aspect to college portfolios as they highlight how young artists and designers develop concepts from initial idea to complete project. Participants of Arts Ambassadors will be expected to use their journals program notebooks to complete artistic exercises, take notes on presentations and site visits, reflect on discussions and work presented, and provide a platform for developing thoughts and ideas around his/her chosen subjects. Outlines and assignments will be given to structure the development of these artist journals. Arts Ambassadors are encouraged to bring their own style to the design and visual organization of their books.

In addition each student will have the opportunity to contribute to an issue of Arts Ambassadors Zine, a small artist book published by More Art To illustrate the process behind each students finished proposals.


Rawan         Nicole Cuellar         Phoenix Chen

Olga Saavuk         Jake Midgley


Logan Barone         Jonathan Santos         Sabrina A. Bertot

Jeanette Aydinian         Alanna Petrone         Shaiwattie Gulcharran