community engagement + our project topics.

More Art is committed to creating projects that are meaningful to all the communities we partner with. In this optic, all our projects are shaped by an ongoing conversation with community members, artists and partnering organizations working on-the-ground around social issues. By conducting thorough research, organizing participatory workshops, and encouraging community members to take an active part in the creative process, we treat communities as complex, multi-layered entities that defy stereotypes.

If community is usually defined as a group of people sharing common set of values, concerns, and socio- economic background, the term remains vague and encompass many different realities. Indeed, while certain communities like religious congregations are highly organized and active in the public sphere, others are much less structured, lacking both leadership and a clear community identity. Because of this diversity we not only tailor our projects to engage preexisting communities and the challenges they face, but also address specific topics and issues as a way to encourage community building.

By exploring our past projects you will find some of the recurring topics that More Art engages with and that effect, in one way or another, hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers. Please note that we do not presume to resolve any of the issues explored in our projects, but rather aim to demystify and galvanize the public debate around them.