Thoughts on the final concerts — El Club de Protesta

Posted on Monday, August 22nd, 2011


El Club de Protesta reached its conclusion with two final concerts at the Hudson Guild Theatre this past Friday and Saturday, August 19th & 20th.

This inspiring project, conceived by artist Pablo Helguera, provided a channel for the community to voice concerns, both personal and systemic, about our contemporary world. It then gave them an opportunity to brave stage fears, first at the High Line and then at the Hudson Guild Theatre. Originally the project was to culminate in the performance of traditional protest songs solely by professional musicians using lyrics partially devised during workshops.  However, under the guidance of Helguera and musical director Carlo Nicolau, the workshop participants at the Hudson Guild Theater were encouraged to not only discuss and debate the traditon of the protest song, but also to create their own work, resulting in inspiring material that generated six original songs musically arranged with the help of the musicians.

The concerts revealed that the spirit of protest music lives on!

Here is a selection of images highlighting this weekend’s concerts at the Hudson Guild Theatre:

Thank you again to everyone who supported and collaborated on this project–

Pablo Helguera, Hudson Guild, The High Line, the musicians: Carlo Nicolau, Eleanor Dubinsky & Sebastian Cruz and the participants: Robert Soret, Susuan Lippman, Sue Machlin, Helen Rosenbaum, Amy McCarthy, Donna Panton, Manuel Martagon, Sonia Rivero, Joe Rosenbaum, Lynn Berg & EB Bennett.


Photos by Don Gibson & Adam Kaynan