Slater Bradley | Soundless Pounding of Accelerating Dreams

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Slater Bradley’s work explores the murky terrain of self-identity. By using both positive and negative Polaroid images, he examines the painful inner developments of adolescents: their perceived self-image and slippery, amorphous identity. Bradley’s photographs merge his subjects’ physical self with their psychological doppelganger.

These eight unique diptychs comprise of a negative and positive photographic image. The positive image’s background is negated by hand-colored gold, silver or red markers, to create an abstracted plane from which a pre-teen girl emerges; the negative image, once discerned, reveals the full picture to tell the story that has been suppressed in the positive.

Slater Bradley is represented by Team Gallery, NY, and most notably has had solo shows at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, and at the Berkeley Art Museum in Berkeley, CA.

Positive and negative Polaroid print, and golden marker, 8” x 19”, signed. Black wood frame with UV plexi.

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