Rebuild More Art

Posted on Saturday, December 12th, 2020

A photo of a church on fire with flames coming out of the front steeple and windows. There are three firemen in the foreground with their backs to the camera. A couple of fire hoses point their spray at the building

Last January More Art moved into a working space in the basement of Middle Collegiate Church’s office building at 50 E 7th. Many of you may have seen coverage of the recent fire that devastated the church and the Women’s Prison Association’s Hopper Home, displacing 22 women and destroying a historic building, spiritual home, and sanctuary for so many.

Due to the danger posed by the structural instability of the buildings, we have not yet been able to visit the site and assess the damage. With the combination of fire, smoke, and several feet of water in the basement, we cannot expect to recover much, though we hold out hope that some things may be salvaged.

As a staff, and a team, we have come together in support of one another and all those affected by this enormous loss, and we are immensely grateful that no lives have been lost. We are inspired by the love and vision of the Middle Collegiate Church leadership and community. We are also grateful to our director Micaela Martegani, who is forging ahead with as much care, energy, and hope as could be imagined.

Micaela started this organization in 2004, and much of the record of her and our work was stored in that office. Of course, our real achievements cannot be lost to fire. Our home is in community with the artists, students, teachers, and participants, in public spaces, and in New York City.

We are proud to be a part of the Middle Collegiate community. We mourn the loss of the Middle Collegiate Church as we have known it, but we look forward to working with the Middle Collegiate community to rebuild and find a new path forward.

We will share further information as we navigate this crisis and the road ahead.