about the project.

For this project, Mary Giancoli brought a group of students from the Clinton Middle School for Writers and Artists to The Highline Park. They met with Danya Sherman from Friends of the Highline who explained how The High Line was transformed from an abandoned, elevated freight railroad system into a “slow” public park containing plants native to the area.

Over the course of two chilly, rainy days, the students underwent a mission inspired by the work of Joel Sternfeld, a photographer who spent many years photographing the High Line. The students meandered along the paths of The High Line to take their own photographs with iPhones and digital cameras. The artist encouraged them to work on capturing portraiture and landscape within an urban context.

The final sessions were devoted to the writing of an artist statement describing the students’ approach to photographing the High Line. The statements culminated a poetic sentence that encapsulated their work and process. The individual portfolios and collective work showcase the sensitive, talented effort of these young artists, and offer testament to The High Line as an oasis within the urban cityscape of New York.

“I had a terrific experience working with the students from Clinton Middle School and More Art. The students were engaged and curious about photographing and exploring the High Line. They had a poetic way of looking at the world around them, and captured those special moments on camera.”


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about the artist.

Mary Giancoli was born in Berkeley, California. She received her BA from Wellesley College, MA and her MFA from Hunter College, NY. She is currently based in Queens, NY. Her work uses the medium of photography to explore ritual and tradition within communities.

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