Joan Jonas/Clinton (continued) – February 1st

Posted on Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Last week, the students at Clinton worked on preparing for their costumes: clothing  and masks.  The “clothing” will be made of Japanese Mulberry paper, which is crumpled to emanate a softer, cloth-like texture.


Zoe, Kat, and Audrey crumpling the sheets of Mulberry.


The children used plaster to make masks by dipping plaster strips into water and covering their stencils.


Kat cutting strips of plaster.


Zoe preparing strips of plaster for their masks.


Ms. Rachel Beck showing the students how to place the wet plaster strip onto their mask stencil.


Kat and Audrey working on their masks.


Ms. Rachel Beck showing Zoe how to make “bags” under the eyes of the Old Man mask to make him look weary and tired.

P1011343Make sure to check in next week to see how the clothing and masks came out!