Calling Veterans for Public Art Participation

Posted on Monday, June 18th, 2012

Update: 9/10/12

Project: Abraham Lincoln: War Veterans Projection

Our public art project is based on conversations with veterans and their family members. The final goal is for participants to be recorded sharing their experiences. These recordings will be included in a multimedia performance art installation over 10 evenings around Veteran’s Day 2012 in a highly visible outdoor space in New York City. The project will provide exposure to a large audience through a public platform and open community dialogue while not pretending to find any definitive cathartic solutions. Participants will be able to address issues and concerns to officials and the public at large while maintaining their anonymity if they so desire.

Participants should be Veterans of the Iraq and/or Afghanistan wars and/or their family members.

Recording sessions are being held Saturday & Sunday – September 15 & 16 in New York City.

The format of these upcoming recording sessions is an intimate conversation with the artist of our project in a sound proof studio with a video camera set up in the room. The conversation will be aimed at generating a personal message to share with the public and various ways to do so effectively. Once prepared, participants will be recorded delivering their message –which will ultimately be included in a public art video projection in sequence alongside other participants. We encourage you to learn more here.

To participate – please contact for available appointment times and location of the recording studio

A small honorarium will be provided for participants.

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