about the project.

I deeply believe in the power of the imagination and the intrinsic value in hoping for the impossible.

I am interested in how the acts of dreaming and wishing can be transformative, both to individuals and to society, as potentially revolutionary acts to build a city based more on individuals and personal relationships than corporations.

This series of sketchbook drawings embodies this belief and represents a vehicle to explore the utterly unrealistic and utopian.

I am envisioning two main bartering spaces to be created within Manhattan, as a way to counteract the growing corporate feel and lack of individualized character that I sense in the city. Also, as a way to build bridges among people who might not otherwise come together.

However, I am aware that my project is absurd and not at all the kind of thing that would ever happen in present day NYC.

about the artist.

Amy Wilson (b. 1973, New York City) has exhibited in galleries and museums across the country, and teaches at the School of Visual Arts in NYC in the Visual and Critical Studies, Art History, and Fine Arts departments. Wilson’s drawings explore the tension that exists between her interior world and the exterior world, through incorporating personal stories and observation along with commentary about current events.

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