Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018, 6:00pm—10:00pm

City Vineyard | 233 West Street

2018 marks More Art’s 15th anniversary. Yes, it’s true—fifteen years of socially engaged public art! Thanks to your continued support we have fostered countless, inspiring and engaging experiences in public spaces across New York City. In honor of more art + social engagement than ever before, we are hosting our biggest benefit yet! Join us on October 3rd at City Vineyard.

Cocktail Reception + Silent Auction of limited edition artworks & art experiences featuring delicious appetizers, cocktails, and a special presentation of Shimon Attie’s “Night Watch”

Exclusive Gala Dinner serving award winning cuisine accompanied by City Vineyard’s own wines + Award Ceremony honoring pioneering feminist artist Cecilia Vicuña + Kohler for their charitable commitment to increase access to safe drinking water and the arts.

More Art Honors Cecilia Vicuña & Kohler Co.

More Art is thrilled to honor Cecilia Vicuña (b. 1947, Santiago, Chile) an artist known for compelling work that explores themes of ecological destruction, human rights, and cultural homogenization, with a concentration on language and memory and how they relate to exile and decay. She has created art in a variety of forms ranging from poetry to sculpture. Her work Disappeared Quipo is currently on view at Brooklyn Museum. Vicuña is represented by Lehman Maupin Gallery in New York.

Founded in 1873, the Kohler Company has achieved international acclaim through providing visionary business services in plumbing as well as building bathrooms and kitchens. Kohler has succeeded with achieving its aim of contributing to gracious living and providing people with products on the cutting edge. The Kohler Foundation, separate and distinct from Kohler Co., supports education, arts, and preservation initiatives through the United States.

Board Members

Susan Sandler, Board President
Jeffrey Jones, Board Secretary
Lori Sherman, Board Treasurer
Micaela Martegani
David Ling
Lynne Whitman
Susanna Mancini & Silverio Foresi
John Ryan
Serena Trizzino
Terri & Fred Hodara
Nancy Jones
Shimon Attie
Mary Mattingly
Krzysztof Wodiczko
Filippo & Micaela Arnaboldi
David & Laura Kohler
Jack Shainman Gallery
Lehman Maupin Gallery
*List in formation