about the project

The very moment I was given this assignment, the issue of police brutality jumped right into my head. Inside, I felt the need to let out my opinion about the recent, and past, events that I had experienced with the subject. From the beginning, I felt the matter of this subject had a gray area to it; that not all cops were bad and murders, and that not all people were ones to be mourned over when crossing with the law. But as time went on with this assignment, my vision on the matter changed to a more concrete thought process, one that jogged my memory back a few years to an incident of my own on the subject.

The sketches in this film depict the incident that changed my mind on this social project. They tell the story of a woman without a name and an ending without a clear answer, just like a lot of our stories today. We all live in this world, one that doesn’t give us many answers. Rather, this world pushes us to create our own answers, and make results of our own.