JUSTIN BERRY Brooklyn, New York website   gallery    

"The best thing about working with the kids of Clinton Middle School was getting real feedback. When a classroom of kids is excited about something it is palpable in the air and when they are bored they simply tell you. It is humbling and inspiring at the same time."

SLATER BRADLEY Brooklyn, New York website  gallery

"I wanted the kids to be comfortable. I asked them to pick a place in New York that inspired them. I wanted each one to have their distinct world. Looking at the prints now, I'm struck that the kids are now teenagers, and probably barely resemble themselves in these worlds."

OFRI CNAANI New York, New York website  gallery 

"Working with More Art was a multi-layered process which gave me the opportunity to be in dialogue with many people, young and old, who study, live, and work in the Meatpacking District. Those conversations were at the heart of this project and what made it so inspiring for me. "

JAY DAVIS New York, New York website      gallery  

"In the project, instead of creating something solely from their own memory, experience, and aesthetic, the students ended up with something involving a part of each other, taking their own personal stands and memories into a larger communal conversation."

ANNA GASKELL New York, New York website   gallery  

"Micaela Martegani's compassion is infectious. Creating the project with the kids and Micaela has inspired a new direction for my work."

ANTHONY GOICOLEA New York, New York website   gallery

"I focused on the idea of the "family unit" as a collective group... In the tradition of black and white portraiture from the turn of the century, I documented the communities and families living in the Chelsea area."

PABLO HELGUERA New York, New York website

"Working with More Art was a privilege. They fully understand the intricacies of the artist's process and the enormous flexibility that one must have when one creates a socially engaged art project. They are a model of the experimental spirit and pragmatic approach that should inform public art."

JOAN JONAS New York, New York gallery

"In performance, from the very beginning, although I was always working against it, there is a sense of loss. A drawing in a performance is there, but it’s not an object. It’s a gesture. An act." - Quote from "Joan Jonas by Karen Schneider" in Bomb #112, Summer 2010

MICHAEL JOO New York, New York gallery

"Working with the students was a pleasure and a challenge. In many ways, they have the keenest minds, and are the toughest critics. The combination of this honesty with the inimitable connection a kid has to the present is the stuff of contemporary art."

KIMSOOJA New York, New York website

"Hudson Guild was a truly special encounter. Thoughtful co-ordination by More Art created such a touching journey with each elderly person. Their history, memory, hope, hardship, anger, isolation was captured through their gaze and presence. I will never forget their faces — ever. "

JENNY MARKETOU Brooklyn, New York website

"Working with both middle school students and seniors citizens, supported by More Art, has been a wonderful journey which gave me the opportunity to experiment with my ideas on how the social production of art comes not only through the art market but through the workshop. "

TONY OURSLER New York, New York website    gallery

"When More Art approached me with the possibility of doing a project with Chelsea public school students, I thought it was interesting that a school so close to the New York gallery scene had difficulty with their Arts program. This, of course, is a widespread problem across America. "

ANA PRVACKI Los Angeles, California; Singapore website

"I am interested in daily practices, also in the physical, daily manifestation of music, there is something magical and concrete about sound production. I am also really interested in the affect, the emotional pull music has on people."

MICHAEL RAKOWITZ Chicago, Illinois website   gallery

"Students from Hudson Guild Community Center and I cooked Iraqi meals based on my mother's recipes, while engaging in discussions about the war. What came forward was the seldom-heard voices of US youth speaking about living in a war culture since 2001."

ANDRES SERRANO New York, New York website    gallery

"I photographed many people I found living on the streets. I did it because it occurred to me there were more homeless people than ever in New York City. I want to thank More Art for their support and Micaela Martegani for her commitment to creating art that matters."

GARY SIMMONS New York, New York website   gallery

"People have very different relationship s to viewing or looking at art, they have assumptions about it, that dream state or fantasy state plays into it..." - Quote from an interview with Tony Oursler

XAVIERA SIMMONS  New York, New York gallery

"It was always a dream for me to work within The Elliot and Fulton Houses communities, and I could not have produced this work without More Art; who kept the beat and pace of the project at every turn. More Art fostered this project with passion, perseverance and faith in my process."

NICOLA VERLATO Brooklyn, New York website

"My experience with More Art demonstrates that the combination of the vitality of the so called "low culture' and the structures of the so called "high culture" is still the path to follow. At least for me."

KRZYSZTOF WODICZKO New York, New York; Cambridge, MA website  

"Working with MoreArt, I observed a most impressive commitment from the team to engaging communities for this socio-aesthetic public project in the urban environment. Through such a collaboration, More Art becomes more than art."

JUSTIN BLINDER Brooklyn, New York website

"Vacated uses cache as a narrative tool, showing instead the absence of new establishments that currently exist, and accentuating and acting as a sort of reminder of what is not there, either because it is gone or has not yet been built."

COCO FUSCO New York, New York



"I really enjoyed the opportunity to think about art's role in the intellectual development of children and my son had a fantastic time performing for the camera. He is very proud of his role in the video!"

EMIL CHOSKI New York, New York


"My submission to Envision New York 2017 consists of several interactive vignettes attempting to bring economic extremes into stark contrast."

FEDERICO SOLMI Brooklyn, New York


"Since the beginning of my career my goal was to develop a very distinguished style, and to make artworks that somehow could speak directly to the viewer, to make them aware of the contradictions and problems of contemporary society."

WILLIAM POWHIDA Brooklyn, New York


"The goal of the building is to provide a stable working environment for artists with a fixed or at least rent stabilized rental structure for the duration of their use of the space."

AMY WILSON Jersey City, New Jersey


"I am envisioning two main bartering spaces to be created within Manhattan, as a way to counteract the growing corporate feel and lack of individualized character that I sense in the city. Also, as a way to build bridges among people who might not otherwise come together."